Wintershall Noordzee B.V.

Wintershall Noordzee B.V.

Wintershall Noordzee International company with an impressive history

The company now known as Wintershall Noordzee B.V. based in Rijswijk (The Netherlands) was established in 1965, giving us over 58 years of operating experience in the Southern North Sea. One of the producers of natural gas in the Netherlands, Wintershall Noordzee operates a total of 11 producing offshore installations in the Southern North Sea, one of our traditional core regions. To ensure the efficiency of our operations, we monitor and control all our installations from the Central Control Room in Den Helder, the Netherlands, with a cutting-edge radio surveillance and control system. Wintershall Noordzee is also operator of the WestGas Transport (WGT) gas transportation pipeline which comes to shore close to Den Helder, and of the Q8 gas processing facility in IJmuiden.

Our ambitions Meet demand for natural energy resources

Wintershall Noordzee is an advocate for sustainable energy sources, but strongly believes that until there are sufficient sustainable alternatives available, the use of natural gas is an effective method to reduce CO2 output. Natural gas can therefore provide an optimal contribution towards a climate neutral energy provision. As cleanest fossil fuel, natural gas offers an effective opportunity to reduce CO2, is flexible in its use and as energy source compliments sustainable alternatives during the transition period towards a sustainable energy mix. Our ambitions at Wintershall Noordzee are aimed at continuing to meet the demand for natural energy resources in the Netherlands and abroad during this period.

We aim to maintain our high level of production and will continue to seek new development opportunities, whilst continuously improving our operations on both economical and operational level. Our primary commitment is towards a strong safety culture, aiming to perform all our activities without risks to our health and that of others, and to protect the environment in which we operate.

Over 58 years of experience A long history as North Sea operator

Wintershall Noordzee B.V. based in Rijswijk (The Netherlands) was first established in 1965 as Pennzoil Nederland Company, a pioneering independent operator. Wintershall Dea acquired the company in 1989, subsequently adding Clyde Petroleum to its portfolio in 2003 to create the basis of the company it is today.

As one of the producers of natural gas in the Dutch sector of the Southern North Sea, Wintershall Noordzee operates 11 gas producing offshore installations. In recent years, the company has further expanded its operated portfolio to the continental shelves of the United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark.



Groningen discovery


Deutsche Nordsee Gruppe (Deutsche Erdöl AG (operator), Wintershall AG)


Noordwinning Group (Pennzoil (operator), Wintershall AG – 100% BASF).


Wintershall Noordzee B.V.


Acquisition of Clyde Petroleum B.V.


Wintershall Noordzee B.V. re-enters UK continental shelf


Wintershall Noordzee B.V. re-enters Danish continental shelf


Wintershall Noordzee B.V. becomes a joint-venture company

Our values People & performance

At Wintershall Noordzee we strongly believe in four core values: HSE, people, operatorship and innovation. We foster a strong HSE culture in which employee health and safety always have priority, in which we take responsibility for environmental care and in which we ensure asset integrity. We highly value our people, foster teamwork and collaboration. We focus on competence and capabilities, and stimulate the development of the talent within our people. We highly value integrity, diversity and openness in all levels of our workforce. We aim at being partner-of-choice, sustaining a track record of operational excellence, retaining full life-cycle E&P capabilities and continuously improving our performance. Where possible we strive at being innovative, thinking lean and working smart, deploying best available technology and being a smart follower.

Member of oil and gas associations

Wintershall Noordzee is a member of the following oil and gas associations

The Dutch oil and gas association

In the Netherlands, there are 12 companies with licences to explore for or produce natural gas. These oil and gas companies study the potential of gas reserves in our subsoil and under the seabed of the North Sea and are also responsible for bringing the natural gas to the surface after drilling. These companies come together in Element NL, which subsequently respresents their shared interests. 

More information on Element NL can be found on their website:

The voice of the UK offshore industry

Offshore Energies UK represents an integrating offshore energy industry which safely provides cleaner fuel, power and products to everyone in the UK. Working together with their members, they are a driving force supporting the UK to meet its net zero ambitions. Their innovative companies, people and communities add value to the UK economy.

More information on Offshore Energies UK can be found on their website: OEUK