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Wintershall Noordzee B.V.

Suppliers A Close Relationship

For such cooperation we have to adhere to certain rules, guidelines and agreements. The main general applicable documents can be found here.

Wintershall Noordzee information for suppliers related to the war in Ukraine and imposed sanctions - March 2022 (updated)


Wintershall Nederland B.V. is the Dutch holding for Wintershall in the Netherlands. The holding consists of five subsidiary companies, is 50% shareholder in Wintershall Noordzee B.V. and Wintershall Services B.V. and is sole shareholder in Wintershall Transport & Trading B.V., Wintershall Global Support B.V. and Wintershall Petroleum B.V., all located in Rijswijk.


In order to establish a healthy and sound relationship with its suppliers, Wintershall Noordzee has defined a “Supplier Code of Conduct”. The most recent version can be read in the following document:


In order to guarantee that the performance and delivery of services and products commissioned by us meet our high quality and safety standards – our general terms and conditions:

We at Wintershall Noordzee B.V. recognize the value suppliers and contractors bring to our company. That is why we want to be considered a preferred customer. Working safely, we encourage a pragmatic approach with an open dialogue and seek for continuous improvement of our shared performance.

Procurement Department
Wintershall Noordzee B.V


Wintershall Noordzee B.V. has subscribed as a purchasing and as a verifying party to First Point Assessment Limited, a division of Achilles Information Limited. FPAL is the oil and gas supply chain database for the UK and the Netherlands. The most important services are:

  • Comprehensive supplier information
  • Assessment of supplier capabilities
  • Performance reporting and benchmarking
  • Appraisal of Health, Safety and Environment

Determination of potential bidders
Suppliers / contractors shall be as a minimum in the process of being registered in FPAL for any award where the contract or order value exceeds 250,000 Euro.

Wintershall Noordzee uses the FPAL qualification system in the first selection of tenderers after which a final selection shall be made, you can register at

Offshore Transportation

For deliveries for offshore transportation to one of our locations goods have to be delivered to the Den Helder (air)port. For such deliveries the NOGEPA rules and regulations are applicable, these are available at:

NOGEPA - Standards & Guidelines

Delivery as per Dutch customs regulations:
As of early 2016 the new Dutch customs regulations apply to all goods delivered offshore. The relevant information and detailed requirements can be found below and are split into Marine and Aviation deliveries. Any delivery to an offshore location is affected!

Delivery of goods by vessel.

Delivery of goods by helicopter.

Working Offshore

All service personnel traveling offshore shall be in the possession of:

  • a valid medical certificate of fitness
  • a valid Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Response training (NOGEPA 0.5A/B)
  • a valid Compressed Air-Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) training (NOGEPA 0.5C)
  • a valid VCA certificate
  • valid legal travel documents such as Passport or identification cards
  • a Personal Safety Logbook in which the medical examination and safety trainings are registered

All service personnel visiting Wintershall production locations shall be in the possession of the following personal protective equipment:

  • an orange, flame retardant, anti-static coverall
  • protective spectacles
  • an industrial safety helmet
  • a pair of high safety shoes or boots with laces, shoes/boots without laces are not allowed